Christiansenpark / Alter Friedhof

Lageplan Christiansenpark / Alter Friedhof


1. Country house Stuhr, former mill house from 1752. 1797 extension to a classicist  residential house by Axel Bundsen, today "Katharinen Hospiz am Park"

2. Neo-Gothic farm buildings from around 1820

2a. Neo-Gothic coachman's house from around 1820

3. Mummy grotto, romantic garden decoration from the time around 1800, with antique Phoenician sarcophagus from around 360 B.C.

4. Waterfall between the two ponds, created around 1800

5. Memorial stone to the horticultural exhibition in July 1874

6. Garden pavillon from the early 19th century

7. Wrought-iron enclosure, partly from 1883

8. Tomb of Söncke (died 1815) and Maria Ebbesen (died 1837) former owners of the paddock

Old Cemetery

9. Border with cyclopean masonry in the style of Greek antiquity

10. Classicist chapel (1810 - 1813) by Axel Bundsen, which with its two double doors embodies the idea of a doorway from this world do the next

11. Neo-Gothic tomb with underground crypt of the Christiansen family, built in 1829 according to the designs of the Prussian master builder Karl Friedrich Schinkel

12. Numerous important tomps from the 19th century

13. Soldiers' graves from the German-Danish wars (1848 -1851, 1864) with tumulus, to the north the "Idstedt-Lion"


14 Nikolai School, neo-gothic style, built in 1893/94 by the city building official Fielitz, today part of the municipal meseum (Hans-Christiansen-House)

15. Municipal museum in the neo-renaissance style, biult 1900 - 1903 according to plans by Mühlke and Eggert (Heinrich-Sauermann-House)

16. Mirror grotto from around 1820, underground octagonal central building

17. Fjord hillside (natural monument) with historic serpentine path and remains of retaining walls from around 1816